How To Create a Beautiful Light Pink Wedding Centerpieces

Create the wedding of your dreams and save time and money with these DIY centerpieces.

Your guests will love this romantic table decoration of light pink ranunculus and delicate tulips and lisianthus, surrounded by elegant eucalyptus.

Learn how:

Step 1 – Choose your favorite vase

Step 2 – Select the correct floral foam for your wedding arrangement (common refereed to as Oasis)

Step 3 – Measure the container you are using for the arrangement and cut the floral foam to fit inside the container. You can use a serrated kitchen knife, hacksaw, floral knife or X-acto knife.

Step 4 – Wet a foam block – let it pull in the water. The foam block will slowly sink as it pulls in water from the and pushes air out through the top. This takes a minute or two so be patient!





















Step 5 and Step 6 – In our case we use foil to hide the floral foam. (This two steps is optional)

Step 7– Put the wet floral foam in to the vase.

Step 8 – Now you will need either clear waterproof floral tape to secure the foam into the vase. This will make transportation easier and will ensure that your arrangement will not spill in the back seat of the van you are transporting flowers in!























Step 9 – Secure foam in vase.(Make sure container surface is dry)

Step 10 – Cutting and Inserting Stems. It is absolutely essential for plant stems to be tightly wedged into the foam, to ensure transfer of water from foam cells into plant tissues.Cut all stems cleanly at a sharp angle and they will slice neatly through the foam.Do not pre-punch holes in the foam! One to 1-1/2 inches of stem is usually all that needs to be inserted into the foam for an upright placement.

Step 11 – Final Tips

Estimate the length of a stem. Use just enough foam to hold the number of stems necessary for the design. Three to four inches of foam extending above the rim of a container should hold a mass design of 30 stems, with each stem inserted no more than 2-inches into the foam

Step 12 – Play around with the placement of your flowers, but… you’re done!

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