How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Bouquet
A wedding bouquet is always a fun touch to any wedding, no matter the style. But, how do you choose between all the pretty flower arrangements? Read on to learn how to choose the perfect wedding bouquet.

Planning the most amazing day of your life is not exactly the easiest thing in the world, but it is a lot of fun! From choosing your bridesmaids to finding the perfect dress and booking a venue, make sure you enjoy every moment that leads up the big day.

The more you make an adventure of planning, the better the ceremony and after party will be. Not to mention, every detail will be beautiful when you make decisions with an open mind and a happy heart instead of feeling stressed all the time.

Speaking of beautiful details, pay special attention to the flower arrangements for your wedding – especially the bouquet. If you haven’t given this much thought yet or you’re not sure which wedding bouquet to choose, keep the tips below in mind.

1. Pick Your Wedding Colors First

Get the basics of your wedding figured out before you jump into choosing bouquets and table arrangements. Pick the wedding colors first and try to have a certain kind of scene in mind, too.

After all, it’s much different to have an elegant wedding in a nice church as it is to have a backyard ceremony or beach wedding. These things set the stage for every other detail you have to decide on. They give you a sense of direction and help narrow down the options, too.

As far as choosing the bouquet goes, though, the colors of your wedding are arguably the most important fundamental detail to focus on. You don’t want to end up with a bouquet that clashes with the wedding colors.

This will make you clash against the bridesmaids’ dresses and their own bouquets as well as the wardrobe details of the groom’s party. You’ll stick out like a sore thumb, which is not what you want on your wedding day.

2. Research Different Flowers

Another thing to think about is the kind of flower you want. Do you like the thought of having a romantic feel to your bouquet or a more fun, expressive air to it? Would you rather go the traditional route or use a flower that speaks to you and your partner’s love?

Maybe you didn’t even realize flowers have a meaning to them. If that’s the case, do your research before you start comparing the look of different flowers to one another. Even if none of your guests understand what you’re trying to say, you and your loved one will, and that’s all that counts.

3. Consider the Timing of Your Wedding

As you’re looking into all your flower options, consider the timing of your wedding. Remember, not all flowers bloom year ’round. There’s a specific time frame in which you can get certain plants versus others, unless you’re willing to pay extra to source a flower for your wedding bouquet that isn’t in season.

There’s no need to make yourself go through this kind of hassle. Focus on the flowers that are going to be in bloom for your wedding and choose from those. This won’t limit you, even if your wedding is in the middle of winter. If anything, it will help you narrow down all the options!

4. Set a Budget

When you think you’ve found the perfect flowers for your wedding bouquet, take a second to consider your budget. Flowers are more expensive than you think. But, this doesn’t mean you have to compromise the look you’re going for!

There are a few ways to get creative and make your budget stretch.

The first is to downsize the size of your bouquet a bit. This allows you to order the flowers you want without having to settle for anything else. It’s a smart middle ground between going over the top on spending and standing your ground for what your big day deserves.

You can also keep the bouquet the original size you wanted it to be, but use a few fillers in it. This lowers how much you end up spending on the nice flowers without compromising the wow factor of the whole bouquet.

One more way to make your dream bouquet fit the budget is to find something else you can do without. It’s easy to get carried away with putting flowers all over the place until you realize how this expense adds up.

You can get all the flowers you want, though, if you’re willing to work on the music contract or the alcohol supply. In such cases, the budget comes down to prioritizing what you need over what would be nice to have.

5. Gather Inspiration and Have Fun

The final tip to use when choosing your wedding bouquet is to look at other brides’ flower arrangements first. Pay attention to all the details of a ceremony as you attend weddings this year and do some more research online, too.

You may end up coming across something much more beautiful than you imagined for even less of a price! It’s not a guarantee, but it is possible. Have fun with the process and see where your inspiration guides you.

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Bouquet

Create a Custom Wedding Bouquet with Us!

At the end of the day, the wedding isn’t about the bouquet you hold or the venue you book or even the food you serve. It’s about the person standing across from you at the altar and taking the first step in the rest of your lives together.

The next time you start worrying about what the menu should be or which guests you need to invite, relax. Every detail will come together even better than you think it will.

To cross the wedding bouquet off your to-do list in a fun, cost-effective manner, create your own. Click here to design the arrangement you want us to make!

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