How to choose a wedding florist for your wedding? What questions to ask wedding floris…

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How to choose a wedding florist for your wedding? What questions to ask wedding floris…


how to choose wedding florist (floral decorator/designer or florist for wedding). What questions to ask wedding floris…

How much wedding florist cost?  If you want a dream wedding at affordable price you have to start planning  at least 3 month in advance. Be ready to see price tags with numbers at least twice higher if you start your floral decoration search in 2 weeks before the celebration. That is the price for urgency, the team will put off all current projects and throw all forces to your project.

However if anyone easily takes the job in a week before celebration and for minimal pay it might mean that you won’t receive expected result.

First step here is to arrange meeting with wedding florists near me , because personal contact is very important in this matter. During the meeting try to mention all the things you like and want to see on your celebration, and do not forget make questions to ask wedding floris…. Also mention things you dislike so the wedding florist can beware of some specifics. Experienced decorated will find out your story, lifestyle and hobbies in order to get as much information as possible to be on a same page with you and create the decoration that fits the best to your  celebration.

Try to listen to the advices of the professional floral designer (wedding florist), he/she for sure will recommend some useful tips regarding decoration.

Make sure to discuss the style, theme and color pallete of your wedding. It would be preferable if you already have some ideas or wished. You can use pictures or videos from internet for this matter.

Don’t think that you will hear final price on the wedding decoration services. This stereotype is characteristic for our people. The wedding florist doesn’t have a catalog with complete wedding designs only because of we try to create to design specifically for you which will tell exactly your story.

We put together average numbers and provide with invoice containing complete break down. That would be the main document for future work.

If you don’t like any paperwork it means you don’t afraid for your wedding or don’t want to have any insurance. Don’t be scared of all those paperwork.

One of the mandatory steps is visiting the actual place of ceremony. Usually there you can decide on many details like light, amount of people, technical and esthetic possibilities.

Don’t be surprised if decorations are discussed couple months in advance because the actual work on the wedding day is just a tip of an iceberg. The earlier florist-decorator (wedding florist) begins preparation for the wedding the more thorough and easy the whole process will be.

And look for a wedding florist that close too you not only by the style but also by the spirit. The one you can trust. Let him freedom to create and enjoy the outcome!

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